The Society for the Wider Understanding of the Buddhist Tradition

"I maintain that the Buddha belongs in the same class as Plato and Aristotle, the giants who created the tradition of western philosophy, and yet the understanding he offers of the world and our place in it is profoundly different. To have access to the teachings of the Buddha, is to have access to vast insights and resources to meet the great challenges that face us now." -Richard Gombrich, Founder of So-Wide

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The Oxford Center for Buddhist Studies

The centre promotes the study of the Buddhist contribution to the history of ideas, at Oxford University. The OCBS actively engages in interdisciplinary approaches. This includes mindfulness studies in the Oxford Mindfulness Centre.

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So-Wide India

Our sister charity in India, with whom we are developing projects to deliver high quality educational material on Indian Buddhist history and ideas. More information will be available here soon.


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Oxford Mindfulness Centre

Founded in 2007, the Centre was founded to realise the potential of mindfulness-based approaches in mental and physical health. Its aim is to be an international centre of excellence and to extend our understanding of mindfulness through research, training and classes for patients. With independent charitable status, OMC is a centre within Oxford University's Department of Psychiatry.

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So-Wide Learning

So-Wide organises courses that are open to the public in Oxford and internationally.

So-Wide Learning is working with So-Wide India to provide high quality educational materials and the OCBS for online learning resources.

Professor Richard Gombrich's intensive course in Pali this summer is open for registration.

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