Would you be interested
in joining the Visitorship scheme?

If so, here’s some context.

Get in touch

On the page you clicked from to get here, you will have seen a description of this scheme. So, what do you think?

What is attractive about the scheme? What are you less certain of?

Do you think you could contribute? How? Just as important, how do you think you could benefit?

Let us know. Send us an email.( info@so-wide.org ) Attach a CV.

A word to the wise

The scheme has been going for a while. Here are a few points that have come up before.

  • This is a university, not a temple or dharma-centre. As a monk or nun, you know how to teach dharma, and sometimes you may be invited to do that here, but not normally — at least not directly.

You will of course teach dharma indirectly, by example — but mostly you will be helping students to read texts and to understand how people think of these texts and use them in particular social settings. To do that effectively, you will work at understanding the students and the way they study.

  • If you write to us, we shall read your email carefully. Then we shall talk to the university. We don’t choose who gets to come. We propose candidates to the university, and they choose. Many people may be keen to come, but only a few can.
  • It helps if you are interested, both personally and as a monk or nun, in how people study Buddhism academically, and in how academic Buddhist Studies relates to traditional learning systems for Buddhist practitioners. These are two different worlds, but they are linked. It is interesting to consider how they are linked, and how that link might develop in the future.

Next Steps

When you write to us, you will get an acknowledgement. Then, within three months at the outside, you will get an update on how many people have applied, how they have been grouped and what group you fall into. Meanwhile, this site will hopefully continue to grow!